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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a Stille Disco package?

Watch the video above for the full tutorial!

What can I find in a Stille Disco package?

In our package you will always find the technical supplies and receipt in the red box. Here you will also find the QR code, which will bring you to this page to watch our tutorial. In the green and/or blue box you will find the headphones. Of course the package will consist of the right amount of headphones, transmitters and extras. If you’ve received our package in the post you will also find some cable ties, so you can reseal the package when you send it back. In this case, you will also find a retour receipt.

What are the prices?

You can rent your own Stille Disco package starting at € 3,60 (incl. vat) per headphone! Up to 100 headphones we ask € 4,95 (incl. VAT) per headphone. If you order between 100 and 200 headphones we ask € 4,20 (incl. VAT) per headphone. Up from that we only charge € 3,60 (incl. VAT) per headphone. You then decide how many transmitters you would like starting with our normal transmitters for free! We ask € 10,- for our long distance transmitters and € 15,- for our battery powered transmitters.

What is the maximum amount of headphones that I can rent?

The maximum amount of headphones you can rent on our website is 150. Do you need more? Then you can send an email to or you can call us on +31634938562.

What if I want to use the package for longer than 8 hours?

The headphones can be used for up to 8 hours. This means that they will need to be recharged if you use them for more than 8 hours. Whilst you're putting your Stille Disco box together on our website you can add the chargers. One charger can recharge up to 16 headphones at a time. Charging them takes a maximum of 4 hours. It is possible to rent more chargers at the same time.

I want to rent a package for a company party, do you also rent to business customers?

Absolutely! We have already organised a lot of successful business events. As a company you can put together your own Stille Disco package through our website. But if you have any other wishes, be sure to get in contact with us!

Why do I only hear sound on the left or the right side of the headphone?

It is possible that the cable connected to your laptop or mobile isn’t connected correctly. This can result in you only hearing on one side of your headphone. This is often caused because the mobile has a case around it that is blocking the cable. Our advice: take your case off your phone so the mini-jack is correctly connected. Is this not the case? Try connecting a different device or use a different cable.

How many transmitters do I need?

We believe in the power of three headphone channels. At our own events we always use all three of the channels, this results in the best Stille Disco-experience. If three channels is too much work or above your budget, we advise you to choose for two channels. Then people still have the option to switch between different music genres and this will create a fun contrast at your party! Besides this, the headphones have different colors for every channel. So when someone chooses the blue channel instead of the red one, everyone can see this. This gives a fantastic effect and everyone immediately knows who to dance with. Every channel needs its own transmitter, so if you want two channels, you’ll need two transmitters.

What is the headphone reach?

Our Stille Disco headphones use UHF-radio frequencies. The reach you’ll experience is dependent on the transmitter you choose. The long distance transmitter reaches around 250 metres. The short distance transmitter reaches 100 metres. For example, when we have a Stille Disco party at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, we use the long distance transmitters. With this transmitter it even reaches the basement and the toilets. The short distance transmitter is better for a houseparty or smaller events.

Do I need wifi?

Our system needs no wifi. Except when you’re using Spotify or Youtube to listen to music. Tip: You can download playlists on Spotify so that you can play your own music even when you don’t have internet!

What interferes with the signal?

In the case of all radio frequencies: powerful magnetic fields can disrupt the sound quality. As long as your party isn’t under an electricity mast (or -cables), during a big thunderstorm or next to a transformer with a big magnet, you can party all you want.

Can I play music from my smartphone?

Of course! You can connect your phone to the transmitter with a mini-jack cable that we supply. In the video above we show you how to set up your Stille Disco package.

Why do you supply a special iPhone-connector?

We want your experience to be as easy as possible whilst setting up your Stille Disco package. This is why you can order the correct iPhone connector directly from us if you don’t have it yet. When you want to connect your phone you can use our included mini-jack to mini-jack or mini-jack to phono (when using the long distance transmitter). Unfortunately this connection isn’t directly available on iPhone models (from model 7), and you need a special iPhone connector. This is why we supply them.

Do I have to arrange a DJ-set?

For the Stille Disco package you don’t need a DJ or DJ-set. It’s easy to connect a telephone, laptop or tablet. It is possible to connect the Stille Disco package to a DJ-set. This is easy to do with the phono to mini-jack cable or phono to phono cable (when using the long distance transmitter). If you're wondering how this works, you can watch our tutorial where we explain all the details.

How will I receive my Stille Disco package? And how do I send it back?

Pick Up Points

There are different Pick Up Points where you can pick up your Stille Disco package for free. You can choose this option whilst putting together your Stille Disco package. The Pick Up Point you choose is also where you can bring the package back to. This option is free!

Our Pick up Points are:

Het Stille Disco kantoor in Amsterdam: Tt. Vasumweg 101

Kaasbar in Amsterdam: Ferdinand Bolstraat 10

Kaasbar in Utrecht: Lijnmarkt 12

RGB Bar in Groningen: Gelkingestraat 42

RGB Bar in Eindhoven: Stratumseind 34

By post

It is also possible to send the package by post. You can select this option whilst putting your package together. Depending on the country of destination there will be a locked price. After ordering your Stille Disco package, we’ll start putting together your order.

Step 1. You will receive an overview and conformation of your package by email.

Step 2. When your order has been processed you will receive another email with the track and trace link.

Step 3 . Your package will arrive at the Pick Up Point of your choice, you pick up the package and set up your Stille Disco box and the party can start!

Step 4. You put everything back in the box. Stick the return receipt on top of the box, close the box with the included red, green and blue cable ties and bring it to a Post-NL point.

Step 5. You start planning your next Stille Disco party! ;)

How do I change my order?

It can happen that plans change, maybe more people are coming to your party then you planned for or you have to change the date. In this case, just get in contact with us. We are here to help! We also refer you to our terms and conditions , here you can find all our do’s and don'ts.

My party has been cancelled at the last minute, what now?

That sucks! The best thing to do is contact us as fast as possible. Hopefully we can find a solution together. We strive to help you as best as possible. We also refer you to our terms and conditions , here you can find all our do’s and don'ts.

Is all the music included in a Stille Disco package?

No, you have to take care of the music yourself. You are the DJ whilst organizing a Stille Disco party. Take this chance and impress all your friends with your amazing music taste!

I am planning to organise a pool party. Are the headphones waterproof?

The headphones are not waterproof. Water and electricity aren’t the best of friends. Water can damage the headphones and ruin the fun. The headphones can handle some beer or a couple of drops of rain, but no more than that. Whilst renting the Stille Disco package, you have the responsibility. We expect the equipment to be returned to us properly. You can read more about this in our terms and conditions .

What happens when I lose or break the equipment?

Of course we assume that everyone treats our Stille Disco equipment with respect. But it’s sometimes possible that something goes wrong, and someone loses or breaks a headphone at your party. We have fixed prices in case something happens. You can find these in our terms and conditions .

Do you have an other question that isn't mentioned in the FAQ? Let us know here!